What is Manglik Dosha & Role of Astrology


What is Manglik Dosha? Every person has their own unique birth chart during their time of birth. Along with the birth chart, their personality and fate also vary from another person. Manglik Dosha is faced by so many people in their horoscope which is also known as Angarak dosha, Kuja Dosha, and Bhumi dosha. In the Kundali of any person, Mars is in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house which is called Manglik Dosha. Effects of Manglik Dosha Role of Astrology

Health Astrology: Its Significance on Human Health


Health astrology is a part of astrology which associates itself with the health of a human being. Health is an integral part of a human being which affects the day-to-day life. Without good health a person cannot live a prosperous and happy life. In accordance with this thought the health astrology part was derived from Vedic astrology. The beliefs of this astrology do not bear any scientific basis. As is in astrology, the different planets position also provides reflection of one’s health. Health astrologers determine the future heath as per the positions. The different body parts of our human body […]

Astrological Things should consider before a startup


Hey future hustler, thinking of moving on with a new business? Yeah, we know that feeling when you dream about becoming a boss is unmatchable. However, there is a list of things that you need to take into consideration while starting a new business and astrology has the answer to your curiosity: when exactly to start off a business according to the stars? When you are thinking of starting a new business, prefer consulting an Expert Astrologer. It will surely be of great help in so many ways. The Vedic business astrology can assist you to give shape to your […]

Vastu tips in house construction


One of the Vedic science which is very popular in todays world is Vastu, it is related to the designs and architecture of new and existing buildings and home. People in India are very religious and also superstitious, they firmly believe that if vastu rules are applied as suggested then this can yield very good result in terns of happiness, wealth, prosperity, education, etc. When a building or home is  starting to build from a scratch then keeping vastu in mind if all the rules are followed then it is considered very auspicious and can provide happy and peaceful life. […]

Delayed Marriage or Late Marriage Astrology


Marriage is one of the important or integral part of a life, it is said that husband and wife complete each other. This means without marriage life is incomplete. Everyone expects his/her marriage to be dine at correct time but some way or the other for few people the marriage gets delayed or they marry very late due to some reasons or the other. In early days delayed marriages were not very common but now it has increased, even though many think astrology is the only reason marriage gets delayed but that is not correct. Astrology does effect marriage but […]

10 amazing facts about Vedic astrology are as follows

According to the famous astrologer in India and archaeological evidence, Vedic astrology dates back to around 5000 BC. It is difficult to recognize the actual date of astrology because of the transmission of knowledge and Hindu Scripture from generation to generation without scripting in the text.  The Vedas are the source of Vedic astrology. Vedangas, or limbs of the Vedas, are six additions that are found in the Vedas. Jyotish Vedangas is one of them. Rishis have practised Jyotish shastra in tandem with the Vedas for hundreds of years. Contemporary astrology (son of Rishi Parashara) is because of Rishi Parashara […]

How Vastu can improve health and wealth

1. Bring in Plants To purify the indoor environment, and to improve mental health there is nothing better than having plants at home—they help liven up your surroundings. Some of the Vastu-verified varieties are Basil or Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Ficus, Pothos or Money plant, and an Areca Palm. 2. Clean the Home With Rock Salt Pink rock salt can constructively improve the indoor environment. The powerful wind subtracts the presence of these crystals and destroys negative energy. Keep a bowl full of rock salt in all four corners of your room. The salt can also be used to clean propose […]

Origin and History of Astrology

Origin of Astrology  Astrology is the study of the manoeuvre and relative positions of celestial bodies clarified as having an impact on human affairs and the natural world. It is a system that attempts to divine meaning from the celestial movements and to relate them to human affairs. The origins of astrology can be traced back to the early civilizations of Babylonia, China, and Egypt. The origins of astrology can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, China, Egypt, Greece, India, and Rome. Astrology was traditionally considered a scholarly tradition and was common in academic circles, often in […]

How to find a good astrologer near you kolkata

Understand what astrology is and isn’t People concentrate on conflating forms of divination and they do not realize that they are different practices that need specific experience and focus. Astrology is divided by stars and planets, tarot is divided by cards, palmistry is divided by palms, and mediumship is divided by contacting spirits. When you’re looking for an astrologer who specializes in another technique, then your astrology is not only reading an astrology reading but also meaning your astrologer will look into your birth chart for forecasting. Your consulting astrologer should be in a conversation with you, and though they […]

Role of Venus in Astrology

Venus is considered the planet of love, beauty, sex, romance, physical attraction, etc. It is considered as a wife or spouse in Vedic astrology, it is of feminine kind and is also known as Goddess of Love. Normally we can see the planet every morning in the north direction which is why it is also called the Morning star. It governs Taurus and Libra zodiac signs.  Venus affects lot behavior in a person, it makes the person try love affairs, person get fond with fragrance, dance, recreation, good clothes, beauty. In kundali, the placement of Venus is analyzed for both […]