Venus is considered the planet of love, beauty, sex, romance, physical attraction, etc. It is considered as a wife or spouse in Vedic astrology, it is of feminine kind and is also known as Goddess of Love. Normally we can see the planet every morning in the north direction which is why it is also called the Morning star. It governs Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. 

Venus affects lot behavior in a person, it makes the person try love affairs, person get fond with fragrance, dance, recreation, good clothes, beauty. In kundali, the placement of Venus is analyzed for both bride and the groom to predict the marital life and love between them. If it comes out negative then the married life will not be successful and both of them will be unhappy. 

There are lot of activities which are connected with Venus, a person with strong influence of Venus in his/her kundali makes them love theatre, the person can become a painter, dancer or indulge in fashion. Venus also makes the person attractive and beautiful.

There are lot of professions which are affected by Venus such as textile industry, food restaurants, garment industry, music, poetry, cinema, sex industry, film industry, beauty parlors, cosmetic shops, photography and various other creative work.

It is said that Venus represents the female reproductive organs, so the placement of Venus in a woman’s kundali affects the ability to give birth to a child. So, Venus is very important for a woman as it also affects the beauty, color, attractiveness of a woman.  

In the medical field Venus represents cough, urine, eyes and semen in the body. Venus plays a very ominous role in a person’s medical life, if the placement is incorrect then the person may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, stones in the kidney, problems in genitals, urine, eyes. The person may have swelling in different parts of the body and also suffer from diabetes. For the women it can cause menstrual problems and various diseases related to it.

In the birth chart, Venus is favorable in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 12th houses and the unfavorable houses are 1st, 6th or 9th houses. If Venus is in the favorable places, then the person will be very happy in the married and lobe life, he/she will have great sexual life. In case of the unfavorable houses there can be arguments, fights between the couple, people will not be able to manage the emotions may find people doing harmful things to themselves. As Venus governs love, affection and emotions it highly affects the love relationships.

So, Venus has a very important part to play in the love life, professional life of a person. So, it is very important that a genuine astrologer is chosen to get the correct details of Venus’s placement.