Understand what astrology is and isn’t

People concentrate on conflating forms of divination and they do not realize that they are different practices that need specific experience and focus. Astrology is divided by stars and planets, tarot is divided by cards, palmistry is divided by palms, and mediumship is divided by contacting spirits. When you’re looking for an astrologer who specializes in another technique, then your astrology is not only reading an astrology reading but also meaning your astrologer will look into your birth chart for forecasting. Your consulting astrologer should be in a conversation with you, and though they may use their instinct to gather small information together, you shouldn’t expect them to magically know everything.

Find the right astrologer

There are a huge number of astrology accounts across social media platforms, and it can be tough to figure out whether someone knows what they’re speaking about or they’re just fooling around. Seeking out certified astrologers who are recommended by friends or people you trust will be the best option. Before you book an appointment with an astrologer, you should research their online presence properly. You will see that most astrologers will post a blog, vlog, or podcast of their thoughts and perspectives. Involve with that content and understand the astrologer’s perspectives and ideas! If you don’t connect with an astrologer’s content and voice, then you should not pay to spend time with them for a reading.

Know what you want – by out of your reading

When you know why you’re here—perhaps to better understand your past or analyze or strategize about your future—they will provide better ways to help you. Bringing a list of questions you want to be answered about your life to your reading will be a good idea. These questions can lead to a range of subjects, like: Is it the correct time to ask for a promotion? Is the person I’m seeing good for me? What part of my past should I look back on to help me with any specific problem today? Feel free to ask whatever you like—your astrologer will give directions to your questions and concerns. Most astrologers who are certified, follow and go according to the code of ethics and will not make predictions that are likely to build unreasonable fears in their clients. Astrologers are meant to help you by helping yourself and making cultured choices.

Bring your birth data

You absolutely should take your birth data with you to your session. You will be asked to provide your birth date and time for astrologers to calculate your birth chart. Your birth time is needed to calculate several things, especially your rising sign, which regulates the 12 houses in your birth chart and helps astrologers understand how the ideal of the zodiac plays out in your life.

You can check your long-form birth certificate if you don’t know your birth time. You may also interview your family who might remember details as to when you were born. In cases when it’s impossible to have your birth data, you can find an astrologer who masters something called “chart rectification,” using vital dates in your life to hypothesize your birth time.


Astrology will never find a solution to your problems, but it can help you with self-knowledge to take on whatever life throws at you. It’s best to get so much out of an astrology reading, but remember that you have to do the work after the consultation is over!

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