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The 7th house is considered to be a house of marriage. Venus is called to be the ruling planet of this sacred union. If the auspicious planets are dwelling on the 7th house, he/she will get married in the early stage, without any obstacles in their union. These auspicious planets are- Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter.  But on contrary, there is also the evil spell of some inauspicious planets. These inauspicious planets result in delays in marriage, difficulties in marriage, after marriage issues.  Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are counted among the inauspicious planets.

Marriage is a holy union of two individual souls. It is said that marriage is predestined. The Janam Kundli or the birth chart is like a mirror,  It gives a vivid description of the future related to marriage. Only a true astrologer can read the birth chart and unfold the mystery of marriage.

Dr. Sridev Shastri is an expert in marriage astrology. He is honored with  Jyotish Padmashree and Bharat Alankar Award Winner (New Delhi), Asian Distinguished Award Gold Medal (Singapore). Currently, he is celebrated as the top Marriage Astrologer in India.
He ensures optimistic results in all difficulties related to marriage. He covers all the phases to predict marriage and gives an effective solution for any problems in marriage life.

MATCHMAKING– Matchmaking or Kundli matching is still a popular ritual for Bengalis. Matching the birth chart of the bride and the groom is important stuff to predicting their marriage life. Reading the birth chart, an expert can comprehend their marriage life, if there are any doshas, the astrologer gives a solution for a way out.
Dr. Shasri has proved himself in dispel the evil, doshas in this sacred union.

MANGLIK (MANGAL DOSHA)– In Hindu astrology, it is said that the person born with the influence of the malefic planet ‘Mangal’ is called Mangalik. Mangal dosha is highly unfavorable in marriage. The effect of mangal dosh remains even after the marriage.
Vedic astrologer Dr. Sridev Shastri is an expert in removing all the evil influences of the malefic planet Mangal. Many people are now living their happy married life following the path of Sridev Shastri.

DELAY IN MARRIAGE– The presence of the malefic planet Saturn, Marse in the 7th house of birth chart causes late marriage.

UNHAPPY MARRIED LIFE– Suffering from continuous conflict with your partner? Dr. Sridev Shastri says this can be a result of the position of Mars in the 1st house. These conflicts often lead to physical assault and violence in the family.

LOVE MARRIAGE OR ARRANGE MARRIAGE?- We all have a hidden curiosity to know what will be marriage, arrangement or love. Am I destined to marry my beloved? When I will get married? Well, you can now know all the answers to your curiosity with just one consultation with Dr. Sridev Shastri. He makes 100% accurate predictions.

Looking for a genuine astrologer to match the birth chart of your child for marriage? Fixed marriage is getting cancel every time? Delay in marriage? Paying for Mangalik dosh? unhappy in married life, don’t know what to do? All these problems have an easy solution for Dr. Shastri. He always suggests an easy way to follow. Take consultation and get the result. You may call the given number or submit your name and contact number to book an appointment.