One of the Vedic science which is very popular in todays world is Vastu, it is related to the designs and architecture of new and existing buildings and home. People in India are very religious and also superstitious, they firmly believe that if vastu rules are applied as suggested then this can yield very good result in terns of happiness, wealth, prosperity, education, etc. When a building or home is  starting to build from a scratch then keeping vastu in mind if all the rules are followed then it is considered very auspicious and can provide happy and peaceful life. Some of the vastu tips are

  • It is said that the rooms should always be rectangular and square in shape, and the length of the room should not exceed twice the breadth of the room, the rooms should not be an irregular shape.
  • Good ventilation is a must so that the air circulation is adequate and sunlight should be enough to light the room. The rooms should not be dark or dingy or else it would give a negative vibe and cause depressions.
  • In terms of plants, people should not plant cactus or any kind of thorny plants. The best plant one can keep infront of his/her house is tulsi plant. One of the exceptions of thorn plant can be rose plant, so apart from that people can plant money plant and all other plants which give flowers.
  • There should not be broken mirrors in the house, one should also check if there is any noise while opening or closing of windows and doors.
  • It is said that a person should always sleep keeping his/her head towards the south direction. The bed should be kept in such a way that the head is always in the south direction and not north.
  • When mopping the house, sea salt should be used in the water as it is saud that sea salt removes all the negativity in the house.
  • In kitchen, we should never place fire and water adjacent to each other, they should be on the opposite direction. The bathroom should not be above or below the kitchen.
  • In the study room the students should study facing the east or north direction, the room should be neat and clean and it should not be below a toilet.
  • Puja room should not be created adjacent to a toilet, below or above a toilet. Puja room is considered to be pure so it should be away from the toilet.
  • The bed should be made of wood and not of any other material specially iron, there should not be any clutter below the bed and we should never keep a mirror in front of the bed or next to it.
  • Whenever the construction of the building or home is completed only then people should relocate to the newly constructed house or building. We should always try to conduct a small puja before moving into the new house.

There are lot of other vastu rules we should consider and follow but no house is 100% compliant. A person  following the rules can achieve the life he/she has dreamed off.