Love Astrologer


The Bengali astrologer Dr. Sridev Shastri is a sincere astrologer, known worldwide. He has claimed many national and international awards. He is bestowed with Jyotish Padmashree and Bharat Alankar Award Winner (New Delhi), Asian Distinguished Award Gold Medal (Singapore). Currently, he is celebrated as the best love astrologer in India.

The stars, planet in the birth chart and the zodiac sign all have a combined influence on love astrology. The ruling love planets are Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. And each zodiac sign has different traits on an individual. The placement of the moon in the zodiac matters a lot in love cases. It dominates our feelings. Mercury is the planet that dictates our approach to those feelings. All these are integrally related to our lives.

Dr. Sridev Shastri is a true devotee of Vedic astrology, offers 100% genuine remedies for all kinds of love problems. Today, he is honored as the best love problem solution expert in Kolkata. Many people find it difficult to propose their dreaming one but failed to gather the courage. And give up before they start. If you are one of them then it is time for meeting the best love problem expert.
Dr. Sridev Shastri is 26 years of expertise in this field. He is a Bengali astrologer gives solution for all kinds of love problems regarded to Love Triangle, Love related disputes, Marriage Problem, External Marriage affairs, etc. Please submit your details and get a quick response from his team. You may meet him via online consultation.

In the growing days of the internet and social media, people get easily deviated from their path. The lack of proper communication with the partner leads to an unhappy relationship and often it ends in a breakup. Many times couples find it difficult to confess their love to their parents and got failed. Are you one of them? Thinking over your partner’s loyalty? Does he/she truly love you or is cheating on you? Want to know whether you will get your beloved as a soulmate or not? Suffering in daily dispute with your loved one? Whatever you may be concerned about, now stop pondering over it. You are at the right place. Dr. Shastri is counted among the best love experts in India. All your problems have a solution to him. Your one consultation with him can save your relationship.