What is Manglik Dosha?

Every person has their own unique birth chart during their time of birth. Along with the birth chart, their personality and fate also vary from another person. Manglik Dosha is faced by so many people in their horoscope which is also known as Angarak dosha, Kuja Dosha, and Bhumi dosha. In the Kundali of any person, Mars is in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house which is called Manglik Dosha.

Effects of Manglik Dosha

  • Mars in the 1st house is highly associated with a partner and can make antipathetic marital life. In most households, both the husband and wife fight over minor matters, often resulting in turbulence.
  • When Mars is in the 2nd house, it leads to so many problems in the family life of the person. A person’s professional life is disturbing. There might be a lot of tension in your family.
  • Mars in the 4th house brings good news to professional life. Between work, one has to change his point of view then the result will be good. People may also go through financial instability There might be a lot of confusion regarding careers.
  • If you have Mars within the seventh house in the horoscope there might be difficulties with the marriage timing and issues that continue after the marriage.
  • If Mars is located in the 8th house of the horoscope then there is a chance that the person will be in the wrong direction of business which brings in the possibility of a breakdown in the marriage.
  • If Mars is in 12th place, you will have to go through issues like marital problems, divorce life, a lack of physical capabilities, illnesses, and even discord.

Role of Astrology

  • Astrology helps us show ways to make plans for our future in order to acquire success and wisdom in life. It explains all about future incidents and uncertainties and saves us from any type of damage or harm, many times also from death. 
  • Astrology defines science and art which gives participation of the stars and planets to humans. The principle of defining planetary positions and periods is universally verified as it is based on mathematical calculations. It involves a number of tactics and data to make the right predictions about someone’s future which makes it a beautiful art. 
  • Astrology is the natural science that shows the direction humans to look into their future. There are several branches of astrology, in which horoscope reading is the most correct one, horoscope reading is all dependent on the time and place of birth of an individual.
  • Astrology helps us to explain what is best for us and what is not and why. It saves humans as well as helps them in finding themselves. 
  • Last but not least thing to know is that we should encourage astrology rather than fearing it since it has a huge influence on our lives. Understanding the importance and concept of astrology will only lead you to a happy life.