What is Manglik Dosha & Role of Astrology

What is Manglik Dosha? Every person has their own unique birth chart during their time of birth. Along with the birth chart, their personality and fate also vary from another person. Manglik Dosha is faced by so many people in their horoscope which is also known as Angarak dosha, Kuja Dosha, and Bhumi dosha. In the Kundali of any person, Mars is in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house which is called Manglik Dosha. Effects of Manglik Dosha Role of Astrology

Delayed Marriage or Late Marriage Astrology

Marriage is one of the important or integral part of a life, it is said that husband and wife complete each other. This means without marriage life is incomplete. Everyone expects his/her marriage to be dine at correct time but some way or the other for few people the marriage gets delayed or they marry very late due to some reasons or the other. In early days delayed marriages were not very common but now it has increased, even though many think astrology is the only reason marriage gets delayed but that is not correct. Astrology does effect marriage but […]