Health Astrology: Its Significance on Human Health


Health astrology is a part of astrology which associates itself with the health of a human being. Health is an integral part of a human being which affects the day-to-day life. Without good health a person cannot live a prosperous and happy life. In accordance with this thought the health astrology part was derived from Vedic astrology. The beliefs of this astrology do not bear any scientific basis. As is in astrology, the different planets position also provides reflection of one’s health. Health astrologers determine the future heath as per the positions. The different body parts of our human body […]

How Does Your Zodiac Sign Impact Your Health?

Health Astrology

So much of who we are is shaped by the Zodiac sign we were born under. The Zodiac is a system used to classify the Sun-like objects in our solar system according to their position relative to our Earth over time. It also refers to the 12-month cycle used by astronomers to plot those objects’ positions against one another.  Essentially, it describes where these planets are located in relation to one another at any given moment. While your astrological sign isn’t something you have complete control over, it does offer you the opportunity to make some small choices along the […]

Health Astrologer

How to Use Astrology to Improve Your Health? As strange as it may sound, astrology can be a helpful tool for understanding your health and well-being. It can offer insight into your innermost fears, desires, and hopes when used correctly.  Astrology can also provide detailed information about how certain planetary alignments affect you in specific ways. If that sounds woo to you, then rest assured that there are valid scientific reasons behind the practice. The stars certainly play an essential role in who we are as individuals. Still, it’s not something that scientists have been able to explain.  This blog […]