A Thoughtful Analysis of the Role of Shastra in Modern Society


In today’s world, where science and technology have taken over almost all aspects of human life, the concept of ‘Shastra’ has become alien and unfamiliar to most. Many ancient civilizations had philosophies and ideas that they used daily. One such ancient civilization was the Vedic people who lived in India during the distant past.  The Shrutis, Sutras, and other Vedic works are an essential part of Indian culture that embraces many perspectives on life. These ancient works have withstood numerous tests over time and continue to provide invaluable insights into many aspects of modern society. These Shastras discuss Hinduism, values, […]

How Does Your Zodiac Sign Impact Your Health?

Health Astrology

So much of who we are is shaped by the Zodiac sign we were born under. The Zodiac is a system used to classify the Sun-like objects in our solar system according to their position relative to our Earth over time. It also refers to the 12-month cycle used by astronomers to plot those objects’ positions against one another.  Essentially, it describes where these planets are located in relation to one another at any given moment. While your astrological sign isn’t something you have complete control over, it does offer you the opportunity to make some small choices along the […]

Three Ways to Grow Your Business With Corporate Astrology

Corporate Astrology

You’ve probably heard the saying, “ What you see is what you get.” It means that by looking at someone and observing their outer appearance, you can gain a lot of insight into who they are. You can also see if someone is generally happy or not (or if they’re hiding any problems).  Basically, by paying attention to and analyzing people’s appearances and traits, it’s easier to understand them. Many business owners also know that what goes up must come down eventually, so why not plan for it? As with any organization, your business will go through ebbs and flows. […]