1. Bring in Plants

To purify the indoor environment, and to improve mental health there is nothing better than having plants at home—they help liven up your surroundings. Some of the Vastu-verified varieties are Basil or Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Ficus, Pothos or Money plant, and an Areca Palm.

2. Clean the Home With Rock Salt

Pink rock salt can constructively improve the indoor environment. The powerful wind subtracts the presence of these crystals and destroys negative energy. Keep a bowl full of rock salt in all four corners of your room. The salt can also be used to clean propose like, cleaning the floor once a week because it helps clear any airborne viruses and bacteria. Keep changing salt crystals regularly.

3. Save Water

Vastu says, water is a great source of health and wealth, and its wastage can lead to serious health issues. Keeping a bowl full of water for birds and strays is considered to be a great Vastu remedy, and will have an impact on your well-being.

4. Bring in Light

A bright entrance, whether naturally or artificially, gives a feeling of positivity within the household. Enough light can be acquired by the structural addition of a window next to the entryway or by placing a lamp or Diya outside the entrance.

5. Choose Art Carefully

Remove all art that depicts pain, sadness or sorrow only to prevent the negative flow of energy in the living room. Any broken products such as photo frames, mirrors, and devices that no longer work should be immediately removed to stop the negativity to enter the house.

Five ways to improve wealth through Vastu are as follows: 

  1. Place the cash box or your money wallet in the north direction

Vastu says that the cash box in which you keep your valuables is supposed to be kept in the North direction as The North direction is considered and believed to be the Lord Kuber’s direction (the God of wealth and riches). It is believed that it will bring you good luck and double your wealth though the cash box should be kept in the north direction. It is believed that Devi Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) travels from the South and settles in the North.

  1. Keep a green plant or a water resource right beside you

Greenery brings positive energy and calms one’s mood. Seeing a plant grow subtly leads to growth in money and business outcomes. Vastu says, water is wealth and thus it is suggested to keep clear and clean water near your seating.

  1. Don’t place any valuables near the edges of the walls

Don’t keep your money near the edges of the walls, especially not the northeast, southeast or southwest corner. North is safe and avoids the South zones completely because it will lead to bad luck and you will suffer rapid draining of wealth.

  1.  Your main doors should be free of repair

Vastu says the door of your house is one of the main features you can strengthen. This is the space where positive energy, wealth and prosperity attract and welcomes and which is why your door should be attractively built and decorated. There shouldn’t be cracks or faults in the main door and check that the locks function smoothly. Also, place plants, wind chimes and a legible signboard (nameplate) at the entrance to your house.

  1.  Any kind of water leakage must be immediately addressed

Vastu Shastra says water leakages in the kitchen, bathroom and even outdoor garden area signify money leaking and financial loss. This is to be taken care of, especially during monsoon. 

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