Marriage Astrologer in Kolkata

Marriage astrology: What you should know?

Marriage creates a new life direction for every person. Everyone hopes for marriage because it will determine their contentment, success, and everything about their life. It is possible to know when you will marry, why the union of young individuals happens early, and all other related information using a marriage astrology prediction. 

The seventh house in your horoscope helps you know about marriage. Venus is an essential factor in facilitating marriage. Guru, Shukra, Buddh, and Mercury are the favourable planets in everyone’s horoscope. At the same time, the Moon, Saturn, Mangal, Rahu, and Ketu are unfavourable planets. The planets are auspicious and inauspicious, where auspicious planets help in the early marriage of young individuals while inauspicious planets delay it. 

The moon or Mercury in the seventh house can cause marriages at 18 to 23 years old. For marriages of people aged between 24 and 28 years old, their seventh house is filled with Jupiter. When the sun resides in the seventh house, there are many challenges while planning for your marriage and delaying your marriage. Marriages can get postponed if the planet Saturn resides in the seventh house of an individual. It is called Mangalik. You if Mars is in the seventh house. The presence of Saturn in the seventh house of an individual’s Kundli can delay their marriage for about 35 years.

Young marriages and their causes

Young individuals who marry early in their teenage age, for example, between the ages of 16 and 23, have benefic planets in the seventh house, marriage, according to astrological knowledge. Young people marry when both Mercury and Venus are in the seventh house. Also, those whose marriages occur early have benefic planets in the seventh house and Saturn in particular. 

What causes late marriages? 

Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and other planets, may delay the marriage in a horoscope. For example, the wedding will be postponed if the Sun, Saturn, or Rahu is in the seventh house.

Why is late marriage not recommended?

  • If a person’s spouse is unable to change and adapt, the spouse may become stubborn and unwilling to change. This can cause unsuccessful marriages. 
  • Family and other obligations might prevent a person from showing an interest in their marriage. 
  • Health issues may arise, or the spouse’s attraction may soon vanish if there is no natural pleasure. 
  • The seventh house of your partner might affect your seventh house, which is related to your personal and professional life.

These alerts are the only warning signs per your horoscope, as an astrologer advises. An astrologer needs to analyse your Kundli’s seventh, eighth and ninth house for marriage, obstacles, delays and fate, respectively.

What will happen if the seventh house has no planets?

The position of other planets will determine the timing of the marriage; if there are no planets in the seventh house, one may marry early or late.

What is the best way to predict marriage astrology? 

Since Jupiter stays in every zodiac sign for 13 months before transitioning to the following, astrological forecasts can help predict when you will marry. Even though marriage is a big step in life and it is common for people to feel some trepidation, examining your horoscope and acquiring the critical data from it may help you predict your wedding year.