Astrology seems to have lost it importance nowadays. There are two reasons for it. Firstly, it is not the astrology to be blamed but people practicing astrology not correctly are to be blamed. Secondly, our own wisdom in selecting the right astrologer.  

There are following points by which you can find out genuine astrologer:

1. A good astrologer cannot be area specific like the best astrologer in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, etc. A good astrologer will be good and the best astrologer will be best irrespective of its own area.

2. Apart from reading through websites or promotional campaigns one should check the following points to find a good astrologer. Do not go by searching who is the best astrologer but check who can be a good astrologer according to your required parameters.

3. A good astrologer always tries to solve the client’s problem by it own. They will never pass the issue to the juniors.

4. One should check before visiting any astrologer their qualification and research whether its correct or not. In todays world maximum people are pretending to be astrologer and takes money or any personal information from you. So you must be careful about this.

A good astrologer should have good experience in their field and have done enough of practices.

Good or experienced astrologer knows how to co-relate the present horoscope with your past life. We all know a horoscope is the direct manifesto of your past deeds. An astrologer who cannot tally then he/she is not the right or good one.

Every efficient astrologer should know how to verify the accurate birth time. Let me tell you even second of time error can make the complete analysis wrong. So you must be careful about this.

Astrologer should have a good knowledge in Mathematics. Astrologers may know the intuition or practical experience but in modern times accuracy in mathematical calculation can play a very important role A good astrologer should not scare their clients by telling only negative in the horoscope. Always remember in horoscope there is negative and positive side both. Astrologer should help their client by showing accurate path to tackle all negative sides.

Always talk with the people about any astrologer you want to visit. See reviews about him/her how genuine they are. A good astrologer should have a proper website to visit.

So Astrology is the mathematics of our life, derived from the calculations of our planetary positions to predict what the future holds for us. Predominantly in India, a large number of people follow superstitions and blindly accept whatever the astrologer says. This blind trust leads to lot of bad experiences and hence the ill name of astrologers. The young generations do not believe the astrologers and hence the growth of astrology has become stagnant, which in turn does not help us reaching a genuine and authentic astrologer. So by keeping the above points in mind we can identify a genuine astrologer.