In ancient Vedic astrology there are 12 different houses present in the birth chart and each house has a meaning which represents or helps to determine the future prediction of a person. So, if someone wants to know which career one should choose with the help of astrology then he has to go to a astrologer who knows the 10th house of birth chart.

Career is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. Since a person understands to read and write the first thought that comes to mind is what will be the future. How a person is going to make earn money. So, career is the most sought-after part of life, if a person chooses a profession or career in which the person is not able to excel then he/she will never be happy and always will be depressed. So, people take the help of astrology to find out which career will be the best or which business will run in future.

In order to determine the correct career, the astrologer must know the exact birth time, if the birth time is incorrect then the result will be different and the person can succumb to a career which is not suitable for him/her. This can inertly affect the social status of the person, the marriage life, future plans, etc. Although it is considered that planets play a vital role in providing the correct career option but it is not only the planets but the sunsign, nakshatras also have their input in it. As we all know a person career depends on the education, he/she chooses so in astrology as well it all connected. As mentioned previously, out of the 12 houses in birth chart, 5th house in the gives the details of education, 7th house provides the qualification details and 10th house is for career.

A competent astrologer can even predict till when a person will be jobless and which job, he/she will get and when he/she will get. It is all the study of nakshatras, even the astrologers can predict when the person will get promotion or any other achievements. The planets position in the horoscope determines when a person is going to get promoted or when the business will run successfully. Many people may have heard about a term called “Dhan Yog” this is a hidden yog which tells how much a person will income in his/her lifetime. If the Dhan Yog is good, then of course the person will have more money. This Dhan Yog depends on the 11th house of the birth chart. So, we can understand that every future prediction or present issues or anything in persons life depends on the time of birth. If the birth is on a time when the planetary positions are great then the person will have a great future in terms of both wealth and health. These details cannot be just found out by knowing the birth time but there has to be a detailed analysis and study of the horoscope of a person.

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