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Dr. Sridev Shastri is another name for an Astrologer in India. Dr. Shastri is a president awardee Astrologer in India. Today Dr. Shastri has 50K Globally Satisfied Clients along with 50+ National & International Awards Including Governor Awards for his contribution to Astrology. Dr. Shastri is a Ph.D. in Astrology from Singapore & holds 28 years of experience in Astro-research.

Dr. Shastri provides Love Marriage career health Business related solutions with his Vedic Astrological ways.

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  • Dr. B.R Ambedkar Bharat Ratna Award by President Of India Sri. Ramnath Kobind.
  • Best Celebrity Astrologer by Actress Madhuri Dixit.
  • Lokshahi Sonman 2023 by Honorable Chief Minister of Maharastra Sr. Eknath Shinde.
  • Bagdhara Sonman 2023 by Honourable Governor of Kerala Sri. Arif Mohammad Khan.
  • Most Trusted Astrologer in India Award by Union Ministers.
  • Super Indians 24 Award by Union Minister Mr. Jitendra Singh & Celebrity Actor Mr. Govinda
  • Asian Distinguished Award  2018 – Gold Medal(Singapore)
  • Global Achievers Award 2018 (Kolkata)
  • Tripura Jyotish  Ratna Award  2018 (Tripura)
  • Jyotish Padmavusan Award 2018 ( Tripura)
  • Sera Jyotish Sanman 2018 (Kolkata)
  • Mata Tripuireswari Award
  • Maharshi Parashar & Samudra Rishi Award Winner 2012(Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Jyotish Podmashree & Bharat Alankar Award Winner(New Delhi)
  • Jyotish Samrat
  • Tantra Siromoni
  • Jyotish Bharati & Jyotish Shastri
  • Jyotish Guru & Samudrik Ratna and Ratna Specialist
  • Global fame award 2021 Kolkata
  • International glory award 2021. Goa
  • Golden glory award 2021
  • Asia pacific excellence award 2021. New Delhi
  • International business leadership award 2021. Goa

Astrology is a pseudo-science that claims that the position and the movements of celestial objects have a great impact on the mundane world. It is said that the position of heavenly objects ( the planets, the sun, moon, and the stars) at the time of people’s birth has an eminent influence on their lives.

In our lives, sometimes we get tired of unfolding the complexity of life. At some moment it’s difficult to survive the continuous problems, this may be the result of astrological problems.

To unfold the riddle of the astrological mess you need to consult with a genuine astrologer, Dr. Sridev Sastri stands out in this regard.

Dr. Sastri has attended more than 8000 tantra puja, makes over 22000 Kundulis, he has a long happy clientele. One of the best astrologers in India, Dr. Sridev Sastri believes that if Vedic yug really exists, then astrology is real and his prediction is 100% genuine. Dr. Sridev Sastri is bestowed with many honors like Sera Jyotish Sanman 2018 (Kolkata), Jyotish Podmashree & Bharat Alankar Award Winner(New Delhi), Global Achievers Award 2018 (Kolkata), and many other national and international awards.

Over time, many people are getting benefited from his solution. The best astrologer in India, Dr. Sridev Sastri is best known for his solution in love problems, career problems, marriage issues, making Kundli, tantra puja, palmistry, gemology, numerology, etc.
Looking for the best astrologer in India

? Are you stuck in continuous difficulties?  Dr. Sridev Sastri stands out as a true astrologer, provides an easy solution that is 100% genuine.

 You can make a consultation with Dr. Shastri you are going through continuous difficulties in your love relation like lack of trust, understanding issues, over possessiveness. If you are going through a critical time, disputing with your partner then in this complicated situation you can free yourself with the help of Dr. Sridev Shastri.

If you are stuck in which way to go for a bright career, government job or business which is better for you, studying a lot but no fruit, any problems regarding the career you can visit Dr. Sridev Shastri. Take a consultation with him and make your career bright.

Want solution related to love marriage, arrange marriage delay of marriage prediction of a life partner, second marriage, denial of marriage as well as stability of the marriage, husband-wife dispute, etc?  If you are facing any issue related to the above concerns, Consult with Dr. Srdiev Shastri who is the best marriage astrologer in Kolkata.
Apart from this, you can make a consultation with Dr. Sridev Shastri for Vastu problems, Kundli making, future prediction, tantra puja, etc.

You can also take an online consultation with the famous astrologer in India, Dr. Sridev Shastri. Get an easy solution to survive your difficulties. To make a consultation please provide your name and contact number and submit.