2nd, 7th, and the 9th the house of the birth chart of a native is related to business. If the planets in these houses are favorable, then it is confirmed that business is suitable for you.  But if the malefic planets sit in the 2nd house you can’t prosper in business. The malefic planets are- Marse, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. If these are infecting the 2nd house you only end up in a small business or business is not suitable for you.

Business Astrologer Dr. Sridev Shastri – is honored with many national and international awards for his effective & easy solution. He is an Asian Distinguished Award winner, has been honored with Sera Jyotish Sanman, Jyotish Podmashree & Bharat Alankar Award Winner, and many others.


Want to do business in partnership?  Be careful, before proceed, know the position of your planets. Dr. Shastri says if the 2nd house is affected by the malefic planets, it is better not to proceed in partnership business.

Do your business running at loss? This can be the reason for the weak presence of Mercury in the 7th house. How do cope up with this? Take the advice of Dr. Shastri and dispel all the obstacles in your way of success.  

Starting a business is not enough, earning profit and reach success is the ultimate goal. Taking the right decision is the first approach towards success.

 Take his advice for any kind of issue in business. Going to start a business? It will be good to take the advice of an expert before starting. If you are willing to know whether the business is suitable for you or not, which business is favorable for you, how to earn more capital every problem has an easy solution to Dr. Shastri. His solution is always effective and easy to follow.

Why Astrologer ?

500 Years Old ancient Scientific Tool Used to predict your Timeline, Life, etc by Calculating Date Of Birth Demographic, Planetary Position.


Why Dr. Sridev Shastri ?

More than 24K Clients Globally having Prestigious Asian Distinguished Award 2018 (Singapore), Senior Astro Researcher & Guru, devoting his 28+ years of Life. Famous For scientific solutions.

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Dr. Shastri is a well-knwon identity in India, Check Google, Facebook, or Justdial for his Client’s satisfaction review. You can schedule a consultation with him or regret it later. Book Kalighat Chamber or Online Consultation by Calling or Submitting details.

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