Global Fame Awards 2021 ( Kolkata )

The best astrologer in Kolkata unfolds the affinity of astrology with a horoscope. Astrology is an art while examining horoscopes makes it complete. To elaborate the circumstances, life of an individual, an astrologer gathers different aspects together then formulates an idea to one’s character trait.  Horoscope is an integral part of astrology. It is mandatory to calculate an individual’s horoscope to know his/her life. WHAT IS HOROSCOPE The word horoscope is commonly known as an astrological chart, sky map, chart, etc. A horoscope defines the position of the celestial objects (sun, moon, stars, and the angelic elements) on an event […]

Asian Pacific Excellence Award 2021 ( new Delhi )

Astrologers make the newborn’s birth chart, reading the position of the planets, calculating the zodiac. Zodiac or Rashichakra has a great impact on a person’s life. Zodiac is an important part of Vedic astrology. Zodiac is an imaginary orb of heavens within about 8° on either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and planets. This orb is consists of twelve different constellations (group of stars). What is the importance of the zodiac? According to astrologers, it is said that the zodiac defines the character of a person. It tells how a person’s life is […]

International Business Leadership Award 2021

Dr. Sridev Shastri is one of the famous online astrologers in Kolkata, Delhi Mumbai, Bangalore. Considering the pandemic situation, Dr. Shastri is providing online Astrology Consultation via Phone Audio Video call for Indian Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc & Abroad like the USA, UAE, etc. Dr. Shastri is Most Senior Astro Researcher & Consultant Astrologer in India including Kolkata. Dr. Shastri is always ready to serve the needy and takes hours of consultation with his clients. He gives an online prediction that is 100% accurate and gives easy solutions. If you are planning for Consult for Business, financial Losses, […]

Golden Glory Awards 2021 ( Mumbai )

With a keen interest in astrology, Dr. Sridev Shastri has chosen astrology as a subject of his career & Astrologer in Kolkata. He acquires his educational degree in various aspects of the vast subject, Astrology. He has a great fondness to solve the difficulty of people’s lives with his astrological knowledge. This dedication has brought him the fame of the best astrologer in Kolkata. Dr. Sridev Shastri has born and brought up in Kolkata. By birth, he is a Hindu Brahmin. His ancestors were astrologers. Following the footprints of his ancestors, Dr. Sridev Shastri has obtained a great knowledge in […]